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GAB & DOH renew MOA for Free Medical Assistance to Pinoy Pro Boxers, MMA & Muay Thai Fighters
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The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) regulates and supervises professional sports and allied activities to combat and prevent the existence and proliferation of illegal bookie joints and other forms of organized illegal gambling connected with all play-for-pay sports and amusement games.
Boxing, Wrestling and Karate
Betting in Horse Racing
Executive Order No. 120, series 1948 Republic Act No. 309, dated June 18, 1948
  Presidential Decree No. 420, dated March 20, 1974
Professional Basketball & Other Professional Games
Presidential Decree No. 871 Revised Rules and Regulations for Basque Pelota Games as adopted by Executive Order No 824 dated August 28, 1982 (gaming operation was suspended since March 21, 1986)
Cockfighting Legal Authority
Anti-Illegal Gambling (AIGU)
Executive Order 149 dated December 28, 1993 Administrative Order No. 262 dated January 17, 1992 and Administrative Order No 222 dated October 9, 1995
GAB shall exercise supervision and regulation over the operation and conduct of the above mentioned professional sports and their activities in order to promote and maintain orderly, honest and fair conduct of games; provide protection to the betting public and patrons, practicing licensees in the professional sport concerned; and make professional sports activities a stable base for revenue generation.


In line with the goals and objectives envisioned behind its establishment and pursuant to its various mandates, the GAB is provided with complete power and authority to perform the duties and responsibilities inherent in the work aspects cited hereunder.

Law Enforcement
The GAB is empowered to fully implement and enforce laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of all professional sports and games locally and the activities of professional athletes, game officials and officiating sports personnel.

Professional Licensing & Supervision
The GAB issues and grants, upon application and after full compliance with all requirements therefore, license to professional sports practitioners and monitor their performances and activities to obviate any infraction of the terms and conditions of such licenses.

Issuance of Permits
The GAB issues, upon compliance with all requirements and payment of the prescribed fees, permits for the holding of professional sports contests and competitions and regulates and supervises the actual conduct thereof.

Rule Making
This Board formulates, adopts and promulgates rules, regulations, guidelines and policies to govern the conduct of professional sports and games and the activities and responsibilities of professional athletes.

Quasi-Judicial Adjudication
The GAB may initiate, undertake, hear and decide any investigation for any violation of its rules and regulations concerning professional sports and games and, in connection therewith, may issue subpoena and subpoena duces tecum.

Examination of Books of Accounts
This agency or its duly authorized representative may inspect and examine the financial records and books of accounts of any professional sports leagues and associations to protect and safeguard the interest of the government and the general public.

Betting Supervision
The GAB oversees the betting aspect of horseracing and computes with accuracy and exactness the total proceeds there from and ascertains the distribution of the prescribed shares to the winners and other beneficiaries.

Supervision of International Cockfight Derbies
This Board issues, upon compliance with requirements therefore, permits for the holding of international cockfight derbies, accredits cockpit officiating personnel, supervises the actual holding of such promotions and prescribes policy guidelines for the issuance by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) of permits for the importation of foreign-bred gamecocks for competition purposes during such derbies.

Anti-Illegal Gambling OperationS
The GAB conducts surveillance activities and search and seizure operations for purposes of preventing the existence and proliferation of illegal bookie joints and other organized forms of illegal gambling in professional sports and games, and apprehending, and instituting criminal action against perpetrators thereof.