GAB-DOH Free Medical Examinations for Filipino Boxers
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Slide One WBC Commission of the Year
GAB is World Boxing Council's Commission of the Year for 2017
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The Boxing and Other Contact Sports Division of the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) started in 1951, the same year that Executive Order 392 was signed into law. The Games and Amusements Board was formally created as an agency under the Office of the President, pursuant to Executive Order No. 392, primarily to regulate and supervise professional sports and allied activities, and to combat and prevent the existence and proliferation of illegal bookie joints and other forms of organized illegal gambling, connected with all play-for-pay sports and amusements games.

Through the law, the powers, duties and functions previously exercised, and performed by:

1) the city and municipal mayors over fronton and basque pelota games;

2) the Boxing and Wrestling Commission over boxing and wrestling; and,

3) the Philippine Racing Commission (PRC) over horse racing, were consolidated and transferred to the Board. On March 20, 1974, GAB’s jurisdiction over horse racing was specified on the betting aspect of the racing, in accordance with Republic Act No. 309 and Presidential Decree No. 420.