I. Procedures in filing a complaint in relation to the GAB’s mandate in the
regulation and supervision of professional sports and games

1 Client/Applicant should proceed to the Office of the Chairman and file a letter of complaint Receive the letter of complaint by the Office of the Chairman.
Advise the applicant/client to make a follow-up 2 to 5 days upon receipt of the lettercomplaint.
1 mins Action Officer/ Office of the Chairman
Chairman forwards the letter-complaint to the Division concerned and the Legal Division and directs them to submit a written recommendation for Board’s consideration. (depends on the availability of documents as well as the parties concerned) Action Officer/ Legal Division
Upon receipt of their recommendation, the Chairman forwards the same to the Office
of the Board Secretary for inclusion in the Board’s agenda.
5 mins Action Officer/Finance and Administrative Division
The Board issues a decision/order on the complaint and directs the Board Secretary
to prepare the necessary documents to effect the decision/order of the Board.
30 mins Action Officer/Legal Division
2 Applicant/client receives the Decision/Order The Board Secretary forwards to the Division concerned the approved Decision/Order for
the release of the same.
5 mins Action Officer/Legal Division