Slide One Horse Racing

Republic Act No. 309 entitled “An Act to Regulate Horse Racing in the Philippines,” dated June 18, 1948, and its various amendments were the original foundations of GAB’s power of supervision over horse racing. Under said law, the Board was vested with the exclusive authority to supervise and regulate all aspects of the sport, most important of which, were the issuance of permits to hold races to the racing clubs, licensing of jockeys, race officials, and management of wager bets. With its broad power, the GAB had the power to suspend and revoke permits and licenses for cause, conduct investigation and mete out appropriate penalties to erring licenses.

Presidential Decrees No. 420 dated March 20 1974 otherwise known as the decree “Creating the Philippine Racing Commission,” divided the jurisdiction over horse racing between the Philippine Racing Commission and the Games and Amusements Board – the former over the sports aspect and the latter over the betting aspect. The Decree reserved to the GAB the betting aspect evidently in deference to the sound check and balance. It is to be noted that the principle of check and balance had always been the effective deterrence to the commission of anomalies.

It has been the unwavering commitment of the GAB to give the betting public, beneficiaries and all other practice concerned fair and honest betting free from anomalies and irregularities. The GAB checks and verifies ticket sales report, computes dividends, and determines the shares of the various entities, entitled to share in the gross wages funds with dedication since 1951 as mandated by Republic Act No. 309. Through the GAB, the government discharges a vital role not only of promoting the welfare of the participants but more so to prevent and remedy abuses which could be detrimental to the public in an activity where betting is a component of the sport.

The primary role in the betting function is for the GAB to protect the interest of the betting public and other beneficiaries of horse racing , more so the taxes that are due to the government. Through the years, the GAB’s Horse Racing and Betting Division has conscientiously carried out its objectives and functions with resolute dedication. As a result, it has strengthened the trust and confidence of the public.